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Wind River Linux 2.0 SP 2 Cumulative patch for wrll-linux-2.6.21

Released: Sep 30, 2010     Updated: Jul 28, 2011


The following defect(s) have been fixed in this cumulative patch for the Wind River Linux layer-wrll-linux-2.6.21:

WIND00144020 Feature Testing: CGL bsp build failed on the raza_xlr_atx_64_be-cgl-glibc_cgl
WIND00131300 Security Advisory - Linux kernel - CVE-2008-3272
WIND00131320 Security Advisory - Linux kernel - CVE-2008-3275
WIND00133054 Security Advisory - Linux kernel - CVE-2008-3276
WIND00135332 Security Advisory - Linux kernel - CVE-2008-3525
WIND00127931 tg3 driver failures in PNE-LE 2.0
WIND00131779 Using yaffs with MPC8313 and large page NAND flash reports bad eraseblock
WIND00134537 WR linux2.0 : Incomplete OTG USB drivers for iMX27ADS
WIND00131482 Backport Linux patch for MIPS atomic functions to WR Linux 2.0
WIND00127930 fakephp kernel module in WR linux 2.0 is broken
WIND00135341 Security Advisory - Linux kernel - CVE-2008-3915
WIND00138305 Security Advisory - Linux kernel - CVE-2008-4302
WIND00138327 Security Advisory - Linux kernel - CVE-2008-3528
WIND00137311 usleep timing: wrong delay using multilib x86 target 32/64 bit
WIND00125858 PNE LE 2.0.1 : strange log message when using stcp
WIND00129619 device_bind_driver() error code
WIND00121732 BCM95836CPCI 16KB default page size and mmap() causing issues due to 4KB alignment requirement
WIND00140677 Security Advisory - Linux kernel - CVE-2008-4576
WIND00140702 Security Advisory - Linux kernel - CVE-2008-4554
WIND00132903 The /'link up/' operation fails. ESR_INTERNAL_SIGNALS_REG reports port 1 not ready.
WIND00142127 /proc/loadavg is broken - never changes
WIND00144856 Security Advisory -Linux kernel - CVE-2008-4934
WIND00144865 Security Advisory -Linux kernel - CVE-2008-4933
WIND00144880 Security Advisory -Linux kernel - CVE-2008-5033
WIND00145134 Issue about IRQ Mask of raza RMI 732 bsp in wrlinux-2.0
WIND00145908 gianfar driver in PNE_LE 2.0/3.0 doesn't clear BABR IEVENT!
WIND00144857 Security Advisory -Linux kernel - CVE-2008-5029
WIND00146831 Security Advisory -Linux kernel - CVE-2008-5182
WIND00145918 wrlinux 2.0.1 : iptables package / kernel interaction on cavium
WIND00146857 Security Advisory -Linux kernel - CVE-2008-5025
WIND00123535 WRLinux2.0 / board i.MX31 : ETH driver smc911x needs to be updated- Timeout problems observed
WIND00149297 Security Advisory -Linux kernel - CVE-2008-5079
WIND00137640 wrlinux 2.0.1 : sudo does not work
WIND00138329 Security Advisory - Linux kernel - CVE-2008-4210
WIND00115560 Security Advisory - jffs2 - CVE-2007-4849
WIND00117112 PPC OCD Kernel debugging requires additional patches
WIND00115560 Security Advisory - jffs2 - CVE-2007-4849
WIND00154904 Security Advisory -Linux kernel - CVE-2007-6716
WIND00150968 Security Advisory -Linux kernel - CVE-2008-5713
WIND00150971 Security Advisory -Linux kernel - CVE-2008-5700
WIND00152432 Security Advisory -Linux kernel - CVE-2009-0065
WIND00154911 Security Advisory -Linux kernel - CVE-2009-0031
WIND00154950 Security Advisory -Linux kernel - CVE-2009-0269
WIND00152431 Security Advisory -Linux kernel - CVE-2008-4307
WIND00154980 Security Advisory -Linux kernel - CVE-2009-0322
WIND00127114 IMX27 Linux BSP is not initializing correctly the baud rate generator
WIND00150998 Security Advisory -Linux kernel - CVE-2008-5702
WIND00152245 running posix test suite can result in 3 kernel crashes in scheduler for SMP+CFS+preempt_irq
WIND00156675 Security Advisory -Linux kernel - CVE-2007-6282
WIND00150654 Feature Testing: insmod bsdjail.ko failed on cavium_octeon_cn58xx_evb_nic4-cgl-glibc_cgl and raza_xlr_atx_64_be-cgl-glibc_cgl
WIND00160321 wrlinux 201 : early_printk does not exist for arch/powerpc or arch/ppc kernels
WIND00159148 Security Advisory - Linux - CVE-2007-5966
WIND00159631 mtd-utils binary is failing in PNE-LE 2.0
WIND00159243 Security Advisory - Linux - CVE-2007-6151
WIND00159073 Security Advisory - Linux - CVE-2006-7051
WIND00158922 Security Advisory - Linux Kernel - CVE-2009-0028
WIND00151797 Security Advisory - Linux kernel - CVE-2009-0029
WIND00162234 Cavium interrupt Affinity with E1000 Network Driver in PNE-LE2.0
WIND00160630 Security Advisory - Linux - CVE-2009-0835
WIND00160589 Security Advisory - Linux - CVE-2009-0834
WIND00160631 Security Advisory - Linux - CVE-2009-0859
WIND00151894 wrlinux 2.0.1 : Kernel crash in skb_copy_and_csum_datagram_iovec during nmap when sunprc ports are active & listening
WIND00163745 Security Advisory - linux - CVE-2009-1265
WIND00165615 Security Advisory - Linux - CVE-2009-1336
WIND00157496 Gdb and backtrace not working correctly on RMI XLR732
WIND00234437 Fix request for RMI XLR Erratum: 3.4.6 System Bridge Register Simultaneous Load (Read) Access Issue.
WIND00234264 RMI Phoenix IPI causes kernel panic.
WIND00237372 When the FTP command is retransmited on NAT, IP address in the command is not converted.
WIND00236813 multi-threaded application freezes due to an infinite lock on futex.
WIND00238753 Fix request for the issue “Serial: Do not read IIR in serial8250_start_tx when UART_BUG_TXEN”.
WIND00241479 Fix request for the virt_to_phys () for the MIPS64 architecture.
WIND00234598 kernel panic trace in scheduler
WIND00191581 allow sched_setparam/9-1.test, sched_yield/1-1.test and sched_setparam/10-1.test to run in regrassion test
WIND00163192 select call returning ERESTARTNOHAND(514)
WIND00286270 Fix request for RMI XLR Erratum: 3.4.6 (Product Alert #10409.2) 

Product Version

Linux Platforms 2.0



Requires Wind River Linux 2.0 Service Pack 2 (2.0.2) to be installed.

Installation Notes

Installation Notes

1) Unzip this patch under [install_dir]/updates
2) From the [install_dir]/updates directory, run the command "../maintenance/mtool/mtool_linux"
3) Follow the instructions for installing the point patch.
4) This is a source only patch so you will have to rebuild the linux package. This can be done by executing the command "make -C build linux.distclean" followed by "make -C build linux.rebuild"
5) Run "make fs" next
6) Upload the kernel and rootfs into the target and boot it up


DATE: 29 Jul 2011

REVISION: file replaced with and includes fix to defect WIND00286270

DATE: 18 May 2011

REVISION: Add file and includes fix to defect WIND00163192

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