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Mandatory Type: Update Pack

Update Pack 3 for Wind River Linux 3.0

Released: Aug 4, 2010     Updated: Jul 21, 2010


Obtaining Wind River Workbench 3.2.2 for Wind River Platforms DVD

  • Wind River® Workbench 3.2.2 for Wind River® Platforms, DVD-R147842.1-1-02, is not included on this download page.
  • Using Workbench 3.2.2 with Update Pack 3 is highly recommended.
  • If you are currently using Workbench 3.1.x, then your customer license must be updated to replace your older Workbench entitlement with this latest version.
  • Click here to request an update, commonly known as: Wind River Linux 3.0 Update Pack with Workbench 3.2
  • If you already have Workbench 3.2 in your product portfolio, then click here to download the Wind River Workbench 3.2.2 for Wind River Platforms DVD.

 General Information

  • Wind River Linux 3.0 Update Pack 3 (UP-3) fixes known problems and updates your runtimes installation to Wind River Linux 3.0.3.
  • For detailed descriptions of the defects fixed in the Update Pack, look in the Defects section below and click on the Defect number. Additional defects are listed in this Description section. Use the OLS search to get more information about those defects.
  • Please download and read these files for more information: install_linux_hosts.txt and 3.0.3_changes.txt.
  • md5 files are provided for the DVD download and for each binary file, for example: DVD-R138729.1-1-03.md5 and arch_binaries_lx30_up3_part#.zip_md5.

Release Notes for Wind River Linux 3.0.3

  • Click here to view the Wind River Linux Release Notes, 3.0.3
  • Section 2.2 has descriptions about new or enhanced features provided by Update Pack 3.

 Important Compatibility Information

  • Update Packs and Service Packs do not overwrite existing Workbench projects or user files.
  • Unless you have purchased new processor support or need to upgrade to Workbench 3.2, this Update Pack will install and run using your existing installation keys and license file. There is no need to obtain a new license or to contact a Wind River representative.

To Perform a Complete Update to Wind River Linux 3.0.3, Download and Install

  • All DVD parts and install everything from both DVDs: 
    • DVD-R138729.1-1-03
    • DVD-R159132.1-1-03
  • Any desired arch_binaries_*.zip (pre-builts update - optional)

About the DVD zip files:

  • Download all parts and unzip these DVDs to separate directories to create complete image directories:
    • DVD-R138729.1-1-03
    • DVD-R159132.1-1-03
  • The DVD installs updated source code for Wind River Linux 3.0.

About the Pre-built RPMs in arch-binaries_lx30_up3_part*.zip Files

  • The downloadable binaries on this page are pre-built RPMs, which are not included on the DVDs.
  • These are optional new versions, which replace the original pre-built RPMs and kernels.
  • If you choose to install these pre-built binaries, they must be installed after installation of Wind River Linux 3.0 Update Pack DVDs, but before doing a build that will use the pre-built RPMs.
  • During the upgrade to Update Pack 3, the existing pre-built binaries are all moved. This means that any builds that previously used the pre-built RPMs will now make new RPMs from source.

Existing RPM prebuilt binaries are moved to:


Existing kernel prebuilt binaries are moved to:


The new versions are downloaded into these directories and are available for all projects:


Update Pack FAQs

  • An Update Pack adds new features and is an accumulation of patches that have been tested together for compatibility.
  • Previously released point patches and cumulative patches that were posted to Wind River Online Support are obsolete as standalone patches if the applicable defect is listed in the Defects or Description sections on this page.
  • The highest-version Update Pack includes the cumulative patches from all previous Update Packs and Service Packs.
  • The difference between Service Packs and Update Packs is that Update Packs fix defects and add new features, whereas, Service Packs only fix defects. If noted, your Customer License and Product Activation File may need an update to unlock new features added by an Update Pack. If the directions indicate new keys are needed, contact your Wind River representative or request the update online at
  • Applying an Update Pack provides more reliability and compatibility than applying point patches.

Additional Defects

WIND00172287 WIND00172310 WIND00172541 WIND00172557 WIND00172939 WIND00172963 WIND00173113 WIND00173204 WIND00173873 WIND00173879 WIND00173952 WIND00173953 WIND00173955 WIND00173956 WIND00173957 WIND00173958 WIND00173959 WIND00174055 WIND00174057 WIND00174058 WIND00174088 WIND00174421 WIND00175109 WIND00175287 WIND00175288 WIND00175290 WIND00175292 WIND00175555 WIND00175600 WIND00175992 WIND00177088 WIND00177092 WIND00177606 WIND00177682 WIND00177714 WIND00177757 WIND00177758 WIND00177759 WIND00177760 WIND00177903 WIND00177929 WIND00179684 WIND00180022 WIND00180182 WIND00180263 WIND00180265 WIND00180267 WIND00180516 WIND00181146 WIND00181283 WIND00181445 WIND00181892 WIND00181995 WIND00182098 WIND00182764 WIND00182765 WIND00182767 WIND00182770 WIND00183613 WIND00183663 WIND00184305 WIND00184432 WIND00184499 WIND00184563 WIND00185522 WIND00185792 WIND00185833 WIND00185837 WIND00185838 WIND00185839 WIND00185840 WIND00185844 WIND00186307 WIND00186342 WIND00186697 WIND00186708 WIND00186761 WIND00187710 WIND00187711 WIND00187712 WIND00187762 WIND00188238 WIND00188488 WIND00188508 WIND00188535 WIND00188912 WIND00188919 WIND00189201 WIND00189251 WIND00190029 WIND00115672 WIND00118015 WIND00121226 WIND00121634 WIND00122436 WIND00122438 WIND00122577 WIND00124113 WIND00124764 WIND00125923 WIND00127054 WIND00128136 WIND00129884 WIND00132370 WIND00136780 WIND00140895 WIND00141567 WIND00141967 WIND00145908 WIND00145918 WIND00146880 WIND00150428 WIND00152436 WIND00152448 WIND00155978 WIND00156455 WIND00156703 WIND00156949 WIND00157038 WIND00157048 WIND00157086 WIND00157839 WIND00157938 WIND00158116 WIND00158247 WIND00158257 WIND00158438 WIND00158647 WIND00158682 WIND00158804 WIND00158883 WIND00158917 WIND00158921 WIND00158922 WIND00158923 WIND00158997 WIND00159068 WIND00159069 WIND00159140 WIND00159150 WIND00159234 WIND00159236 WIND00159542 WIND00159600 WIND00159761 WIND00159800 WIND00159979 WIND00160009 WIND00160086 WIND00160131 WIND00160575 WIND00160586 WIND00160587 WIND00160589 WIND00160590 WIND00160630 WIND00160838 WIND00161292 WIND00161338 WIND00161522 WIND00161666 WIND00161790 WIND00161973 WIND00161975 WIND00161997 WIND00162046 WIND00162088 WIND00162129 WIND00162420 WIND00162524 WIND00163073 WIND00163186 WIND00163348 WIND00163353 WIND00163739 WIND00163740 WIND00163742 WIND00163743 WIND00163745 WIND00163747 WIND00163748 WIND00163851 WIND00163854 WIND00163855 WIND00163950 WIND00163953 WIND00163956 WIND00164572 WIND00164670 WIND00165042 WIND00165322 WIND00165492 WIND00165532 WIND00165533 WIND00165539 WIND00165616 WIND00165617 WIND00165619 WIND00165620 WIND00165621 WIND00166080 WIND00166427 WIND00166505 WIND00166626 WIND00166769 WIND00167274 WIND00167299 WIND00167300 WIND00167302 WIND00167305 WIND00167306 WIND00167779 WIND00167900 WIND00168212 WIND00168941 WIND00169363 WIND00169367 WIND00169373 WIND00169439 WIND00169473 WIND00169634 WIND00169639 WIND00169657 WIND00169737 WIND00169926 WIND00170095 WIND00170194 WIND00170198 WIND00170363 WIND00170367 WIND00170370 WIND00170372 WIND00170387 WIND00170547 WIND00170552 WIND00170558 WIND00170559 WIND00170560 WIND00170561 WIND00170562 WIND00170563 WIND00170727 WIND00170729 WIND00170983 WIND00171118 WIND00171285 WIND00171375 WIND00171474 WIND00171688 WIND00171746 WIND00172095 WIND00172115 WIND00172143 WIND00172286 WIND00172413 WIND00172583 WIND00172598 WIND00172639 WIND00172726 WIND00173309 WIND00173319 WIND00173338 WIND00173352 WIND00173946 WIND00174031 WIND00174265 WIND00175405 WIND00176427 WIND00176428 WIND00176735

Product Version

Linux 3, Network Acceleration Platform 1.0



This Update Pack is only compatible with Wind River Linux 3.0 and cannot be applied to or used with any other version of Wind River Linux, i.e., do not apply to WR Linux 1.x or 2.x installations. Update Packs require installation of the entire Wind River Linux 3.0 product prior to installing the Update Pack.

Installation Notes

Installation Notes

 Using this OLS download page to download and install the DVDs and Pre-Built Binaries

Step 1 - Prepare

  • Shut down all product processes, including any license servers.
  • If you have altered any Wind River-supplied files in your installation tree (not a recommended practice), archive them manually before installing any updates, as these files may be overwritten during the installation process.

Step 2 - Download

  • Download all zip files to a temporary directory on your host computer (do not use a path with spaces in it).
  • For this Update Pack, do not download or unzip the files into your installDir/updates directory.

Step 3 - Unzip the DVD zip files

  • Unzip the DVD zip files to separate directories to create complete image directories:
  • On Windows (requires WinZip):
                 Right-click the zip file.
                 Select WinZip -> Extract to here.
  • On Linux or Solaris:
                 unzip *.zip
                 If you do not have unzip in your path, you can find it in
  • Notes:
                 If you do not download and unzip all the DVD zip files, your installation will be incomplete.
                 To verify the DVD download, download and use the DVD-R*.md5 files.

Step 4 - Install

  • Go into each directory created by unzipping the DVDs (for example, C:\tmp\DVD-R138729.1-1-03 or /home/myuserid/DVD-R138729.1-1-03).
  • Run the setup executable applicable to your host (Windows: setup.exe; Linux: setup_linux; Solaris: setup_solaris).  
  • If you are offered an update to the installer program itself, accept the update.
  • You must specify your existing Workbench 3.1 or 3.2 root installation directory (installDir).
  • At the Choose Installation Filters screen, clear the check boxes for any architectures you don't want to install.
  • At the next installer screen for installing products, install all products and features that are selected by default.
  • Next go to the second DVD directory, e.g., C:\tmp\DVD-R159132.1-1-03 or /home/myuserid/DVD-R159132.1-1-03, and repeat the Install steps.

 Step 5 - After installation

  • Restart any license servers (if applicable).
  • Rebuild any existing Workbench or command line projects.

Binary Zip Files Download and Installation

Step 1 - Select Architectures

  • Determine which architectures you need from the pre-built RPMs (arch-binaries_*.zip files).

Step 2 - Download

  • Download the arch-binaries_*.zip files to your installDir/updates directory.
  • Download and unzip to get md5 files to check the binary downloads.

Step 3 - Unzip

  • Unzip the arch-binaries_*.zip files inside the installDir/updates directory.

Step 4 - Install

  • From the installDir/updates directory, run the command:  "../maintenance/wrInstaller/x86-linux2/wrInstaller"   
  • Follow the instructions for installing the the pre-built RPM patches.

Step 5 - After installation

  • Upon completion, the pre-built binary RPMs that you downloaded have been installed and are ready for use.

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