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LIN9-6885 : WRL9 - opkg: fix conffile errors in 'opkg status' calls

Created: May 20, 2018    Updated: Mar 27, 2019
Resolved Date: Jun 13, 2018
Found In Version:
Fix Version:
Severity: Standard
Applicable for: Wind River Linux 9
Component/s: Build & Config


If a conffile has been deleted (common when building a debugfs) the status command will throw errors instead of handling that situation.

Errors were observed during Yocto build after setting IMAGE_GEN_DEBUGFS = "1" in WRL9 build.

We can see similar Errors here

Patch for this issue can be found here,


Temporary work around as suggested by Robert Yang:

diff --git a/meta/lib/oe/ b/meta/lib/oe/
index a348b97..ba072c0 100644
--- a/meta/lib/oe/
+++ b/meta/lib/oe/
@@ -951,7 +951,7 @@ class OpkgRootfs(DpkgOpkgRootfs):
         if self.progress_reporter:

-        self._setup_dbg_rootfs(['/etc', '/var/lib/opkg', '/usr/lib/ssl'])
+        self._setup_dbg_rootfs(['/etc', '/var/lib/opkg', '/usr/lib/ssl', '/var/lib/nfs'])

         execute_pre_post_process(self.d, opkg_post_process_cmds)

Steps to Reproduce

1) setup a qemu project in WRL9
 ./wrlinux-9/ --machines qemux86-64 --dl-layers

2) Add changes in build/conf/local.conf as below:

PACKAGE_CLASSES ?= "package_ipk"
IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " nfs-utils-client logrotate"

3)Build the project
$ bitbake wrlinux-image-glibc-small

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