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LIN9-6522 : WR Linux will not build x86_64 PREEMPT_RT kernel

Created: Mar 14, 2018    Updated: Feb 2, 2019
Resolved Date: May 6, 2018
Found In Version:
Fix Version:
Severity: Severe
Applicable for: Wind River Linux 9
Component/s: Build & Config


When trying to build a WR Linux 9 RCPL0014 x86_64 project there is a warning about "only standard kernel" is supported. The resulting project is configured for standard kernel and not preempt-rt.

> bitbake wrlinux-image-glibc-std -c populate_sdk

WARNING: /wr9/projects/online-ws/rcpl0014-rt/layers/wr-ovp/recipes-kernel/linux/ linux-windriver-ovp-kvm doesn't support preempt-rt, supported types are: ['standard']
WARNING: /wr9/projects/online-ws/rcpl0014-rt/layers/wr-ovp/recipes-kernel/linux/ linux-windriver-ovp-guest doesn't support preempt-rt, supported types are: ['standard']

Steps to Reproduce

### Setup Info ##
# Create and setup wrlinux-9 mirror for RCPL0014
>git clone --branch WRLINUX_9_LTS_CVE_RCPL0014
>./wrlinux-9/ --mirror --all-layers --dl-layers --accept-eula yes

# Setup new workspace
>git clone --branch WRLINUX_9_LTS_CVE_RCPL0014 {path_to_mirror}}/wrlinux-9
>./wrlinux-9/ --accept-eula yes --machine intel-x86-64 --distro wrlinux --kernel preempt-rt --recipes wrlinux-image-glibc-std --all-layers --dl-layers

# README reports...
This is a Wind River Linux build project. It was constructed by the setup
program using the following arguments: --machine intel-x86-64 --distro wrlinux --recipes wrlinux-image-glibc-std --all-layers --dl-layers
### Notice the --kernel preempt-rt option is not listed as in previous RCPL0011 release.

build/conf/local.conf: LINUX_KERNEL_TYPE ??= "standard"
Fixed the above line to be: LINUX_KERNEL_TYPE = "preempt-rt"

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