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LIN1021-6505 : iputils arping unsolicited ARP packet sending not working

Created: Sep 8, 2023    Updated: Oct 25, 2023
Resolved Date: Sep 24, 2023
Found In Version:
Severity: Standard
Applicable for: Wind River Linux LTS 21
Component/s: Userspace


Using arping to send unsolicited ARP REPLY packets (-A), the packets are not actually being sent.

The -U option that sends ARP REQUEST packets is still working.

 this upstream commit ( fixes the issue.

Steps to Reproduce

# Configure intel-x86-64 project and add IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " iputils tcpdump"
 # Build and deploy wrlinux-image-small
 # Open two terminals and SSH into the target.
In the first terminal, run tcpdump:

$ tcpdump -env -i eth0 arp | grep <target-IP> 
In the second one, run arping:

$ /bin/arping -q -c 4 -A -I eth0 -s <target-IP> <destination-IP> 
In my case, I used my workstation IP as "destination-IP"

tcpdump will show no packets being sent, after applying this upstream commit (, the behavior is returned to normal.
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