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LIN1021-447 : nxp-s32g2xx: flexcan: Data brp=1 and brp=8 dont match, this may result in a phase error

Created: Jun 1, 2021    Updated: Jul 7, 2021
Resolved Date: Jun 14, 2021
Found In Version:
Fix Version:
Severity: Standard
Applicable for: Wind River Linux LTS 21
Component/s: BSP


This is due to the unproper params for flexcan, please using the following command to up the flexcan port:

    *ip link set can0 up type can bitrate 800000 dbitrate 8000000 fd on*

then the issue will be fixed, the description on flexcan in README file will be updated later.

Steps to Reproduce

/lpg-build/cdc/fast_prod/WRLINUX_MASTER_WR/MASTER_WR_GIT/wrlinux-10/ --machines nxp-s32g2xx --templates feature/docker --distros wrlinux --dl-layers --accept-eula=yes
source environment-setup-x86_64-wrlinuxsdk-linux
source oe-init-build-env build_wrlinux_default
echo KERNEL_FEATURES_append = \" features/usb/serial-all.scc\" >> conf/local.conf
echo KERNEL_VERSION_SANITY_SKIP=\"1\" >> conf/local.conf
echo IMAGE_FSTYPES += \" tar.bz2\" >> conf/local.conf
echo BB_NUMBER_THREADS ?= \"24\" >> conf/local.conf
echo PARALLEL_MAKE ?= \"-j 24\" >> conf/local.conf
echo BB_DANGLINGAPPENDS_WARNONLY = \"1\" >> conf/local.conf
echo HSE_LOCAL_FIRMWARE_EVB_BIN = \"/folk/wgao/s32g/firmware/hse/\" >> conf/local.conf
echo PNWHITELIST_wr-nxp-s32g2xx += \"llce\" >> conf/local.conf
echo IMAGE_INSTALL_append_nxp-s32g2xx = \" llce\" >> conf/local.conf
echo LLCE_LOCAL_FIRMWARE_DIR_DTE_BIN = \"/folk/wgao/s32g/firmware/llce/dte.bin\" >> conf/local.conf
echo LLCE_LOCAL_FIRMWARE_DIR_FRPE_BIN = \"/folk/wgao/s32g/firmware/llce/frpe.bin\" >> conf/local.conf
echo LLCE_LOCAL_FIRMWARE_DIR_PPE-TX_BIN = \"/folk/wgao/s32g/firmware/llce/ppe_tx.bin\" >> conf/local.conf
echo LLCE_LOCAL_FIRMWARE_DIR_PPE-RX_BIN = \"/folk/wgao/s32g/firmware/llce/ppe_rx.bin\" >> conf/local.conf
bitbake-layers add-layer /net/pek-lpgtest7408/buildarea1/wgao/wrlinux_master/wr-testing/bts-dev
echo require templates/feature/bts/template.conf >> conf/local.conf
bitbake wrlinux-image-std

$ ip link set can0 up type can bitrate 125000
$ ip link set can0 up type can bitrate 500000
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