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LIN1021-3024 : Security Advisory - linux - CVE-2022-0002

Created: Mar 10, 2022    Updated: Nov 14, 2022
Resolved Date: Nov 14, 2022
Found In Version:
Severity: Standard
Applicable for: Wind River Linux LTS 21
Component/s: Kernel


Intra-mode BTI refers to a variant of BTI (Branch Target Injection aka SpectreV2) where an indirect branch speculates to an aliased predictor entry for a different indirect branch in the same predictor mode , and a disclosure gadget at the predicted target will transiently execute. Such predictor entries may contain targets corresponding to the targets of indirect near jump, indirect near call and/or near return instructions, even if these branches were only transiently executed. Managed runtimes can provide an attacker with the means to create the aliasing required for intra-mode BTI attacks.

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