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LIN1021-131 : windows sdk does not support feature/kernel-dev

Created: May 17, 2021    Updated: Jun 8, 2021
Found In Version:
Severity: Standard
Applicable for: Wind River Linux LTS 21
Component/s: Build & Config


Build a Windows SDK for a project with "feature/kernel-dev" enabled creates a broken SDK.


Windows SDK cannot be used to do kernel dev (kernel modules or otherwise) since that requires access to the platform project's kernel build tree, so ENABLE_KERNEL_DEV is non-applicable on Windows hosts.

The workaround is to have a parallel project that (a) has the same configuration but without the kernel dev additions, (b) uses the same sstate and download dirs for consistency and efficiency, and (c) is used just to build the Windows SDK for app dev.


Steps to Reproduce

 1.Create project
   $ ../wrlinux-x/ ----dl-layers --machines=xilinx-zynqmp --layers=meta-mingw --dl-layers
    $ . ./oe-init-build-env
 2. Update the setting
    Add ../layers/wrlinux/wrlinux-kernel-dev to conf/bblayers.conf
     Update conf/local.conf with
       EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES += " eclipse-debug tools-debug debug-tweaks tools-profile"
       ENABLE_KERNEL_DEV = '1'
        WRTEMPLATE += "feature/kernel-dev"
        PNWHITELIST_testing += "bs-prepare"
        IMAGE_INSTALL_append += "kernel-devsrc"
        SDKMACHINE = "x86_64-mingw32
 3. Build  project
     $bitbake wrlinux-image-glibc-std
     $bitbake wrlinux-image-glibc-std -c populate_sdk
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