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LIN1021-127 : Windows SDK is not supported on ovp

Created: May 18, 2021    Updated: Jan 16, 2024
Resolved Date: Jan 16, 2024
Found In Version:
Severity: Standard
Applicable for: Wind River Linux LTS 21
Component/s: Build & Config, Userspace


h1. The Windows SDK is not currently supported for OVP.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Create project
/wrlinux-10/ --machines=qemux86-64 --layers=meta-mingw --dl-layers --layer meta-dpdk --distros wrlinux-ovp --templates=feature/dpdk,feature/kernel-ovp-guest,feature/linux-yocto-dev,feature/toolchain-next,feature/userspace-next
2. Build project
Set SDKMACHINE=i686-mingw32  to local.conf
 bitbake wrlinux-image-ovp-guest
 bitbake wrlinux-image-ovp-guest -c populate_sdk 
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