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The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) project, maintained by the MITRE Corporation, is a list of all standardized names for vulnerabilities and security exposures.

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IDDescriptionPriorityModified dateFixed Release
CVE-2023-25521 NVIDIA DGX A100/A800 contains a vulnerability in SBIOS where an attacker may cause execution with unnecessary privileges by leveraging a weakness whereby proper input parameter validation is not performed. A successful exploit of this vulnerability may lead to denial of service, information disclosure, and data tampering. -- Jul 10, 2023 n/a
CVE-2023-31277 PiiGAB M-Bus transmits credentials in plaintext format. -- Jul 7, 2023 n/a
CVE-2023-31200 PTC Vuforia Studio does not require a token; this could allow an attacker with local access to perform a cross-site request forgery attack or a replay attack. -- Jun 8, 2023 n/a
CVE-2023-31241 Snap One OvrC cloud servers contain a route an attacker can use to bypass requirements and claim devices outright. -- May 23, 2023 n/a
CVE-2023-2747 The initialization vector (IV) used by the secure engine (SE) for encrypting data stored in the SE flash memory is uninitialized.  -- Jun 15, 2023 n/a
CVE-2023-29502 Before importing a project into Vuforia, a user could modify the “resourceDirectory” attribute in the appConfig.json file to be a different path. -- Jun 8, 2023 n/a
CVE-2023-34347 ?Delta Electronics InfraSuite Device Master versions prior to 1.0.7 contains classes that cannot be deserialized, which could allow an attack to remotely execute arbitrary code. -- Jul 11, 2023 n/a
CVE-2023-2262 A buffer overflow vulnerability exists in the Rockwell Automation select 1756-EN* communication devices. If exploited, a threat actor could potentially leverage this vulnerability to perform a remote code execution. To exploit this vulnerability, a threat actor would have to send a maliciously crafted CIP request to device. -- Sep 20, 2023 n/a
CVE-2023-28004 A CWE-129: Improper validation of an array index vulnerability exists where a specially crafted Ethernet request could result in denial of service or remote code execution. -- Apr 18, 2023 n/a
CVE-2023-2570 A CWE-129: Improper Validation of Array Index vulnerability exists that could cause local denial-of-service, and potentially kernel execution when a malicious actor with local user access crafts a script/program using an unpredictable index to an IOCTL call in the Foxboro.sys driver. -- Jun 14, 2023 n/a
CVE-2023-28003 A CWE-613: Insufficient Session Expiration vulnerability exists that could allow an attacker to maintain unauthorized access over a hijacked session in PME after the legitimate user has signed out of their account. -- Apr 18, 2023 n/a
CVE-2023-25620 A CWE-754: Improper Check for Unusual or Exceptional Conditions vulnerability exists that could cause denial of service of the controller when a malicious project file is loaded onto the controller by an authenticated user. -- Apr 19, 2023 n/a
CVE-2023-29412 A CWE-78: Improper Handling of Case Sensitivity vulnerability exists that could cause remote code execution when manipulating internal methods through Java RMI interface. -- Apr 18, 2023 n/a
CVE-2022-43376 A CWE-79: Improper Neutralization of Input During Web Page Generation (\'Cross-site Scripting\') vulnerability exists that could cause code and session manipulation when malicious code is inserted into the browser. Affected Products: NetBotz 4 - 355/450/455/550/570 (V4.7.0 and prior) -- Apr 18, 2023 n/a
CVE-2023-25552 A CWE-862: Missing Authorization vulnerability exists that could allow viewing of unauthorized content, changes or deleting of content, or performing unauthorized functions when tampering the Device File Transfer settings on DCE endpoints. Affected products: StruxureWare Data Center Expert (V7.9.2 and prior) -- Apr 18, 2023 n/a
CVE-2023-37197 A CWE-89: Improper Neutralization of Special Elements vulnerability used in an SQL Command (\'SQL Injection\') vulnerability exists that could allow a user already authenticated on DCE to access unauthorized content, change, or delete content, or perform unauthorized actions when tampering with the mass configuration settings of endpoints on DCE. -- Jul 12, 2023 n/a
CVE-2023-20569 A side channel vulnerability on some of the AMD CPUs may allow an attacker to influence the return address prediction. This may result in speculative execution at an attacker-controlled?address, potentially leading to information disclosure. -- Aug 8, 2023 n/a
CVE-2023-27881 A user could use the “Upload Resource” functionality to upload files to any location on the disk. -- Jun 8, 2023 n/a
CVE-2023-24507 AgilePoint NX v8.0 SU2.2 & SU2.3 – Insecure File Upload - Vulnerability allows insecure file upload, by an unspecified request. -- May 9, 2023 n/a
CVE-2019-10952 An attacker could send a crafted HTTP/HTTPS request to render the web server unavailable and/or lead to remote code execution caused by a stack-based buffer overflow vulnerability. A cold restart is required for recovering CompactLogix 5370 L1, L2, and L3 Controllers, Compact GuardLogix 5370 controllers, and Armor Compact GuardLogix 5370 Controllers Versions 20 - 30 and earlier. High May 3, 2019 n/a
CVE-2023-31427 Brocade Fabric OS versions before Brocade Fabric OS v9.1.1c, and v9.2.0 Could allow an authenticated, local user with knowledge of full path names inside Brocade Fabric OS to execute any command regardless of assigned privilege. Starting with Fabric OS v9.1.0, “root” account access is disabled. -- Aug 1, 2023 n/a
CVE-2023-3272 Cleartext Transmission of Sensitive Information in the SICK ICR890-4 could allow a remote attacker to gather sensitive information by intercepting network traffic that is not encrypted. -- Jul 10, 2023 n/a
CVE-2023-22321 Datakit CrossCadWare_x64.dll contains an out-of-bounds read past the end of an allocated buffer while parsing a specially crafted SLDPRT file. This vulnerability could allow an attacker to disclose sensitive information. -- Apr 21, 2023 n/a
CVE-2023-3299 HashiCorp Nomad Enterprise 1.2.11 up to 1.5.6, and 1.4.10 ACL policies using a block without a label generates unexpected results. Fixed in 1.6.0, 1.5.7, and 1.4.11. -- Jul 20, 2023 n/a
CVE-2023-20597 Improper initialization of variables in the DXE driver may allow a privileged user to leak sensitive information via local access. -- Sep 20, 2023 n/a
CVE-2023-22450 In Advantech WebAccss/SCADA v9.1.3 and prior, there is an arbitrary file upload vulnerability that could allow an attacker to upload an ASP script file to a webserver when logged in as manager user, which can lead to arbitrary code execution. -- Jun 6, 2023 n/a
CVE-2023-27603 In Apache Linkis <=1.3.1, due to the Manager module engineConn material upload does not check the zip path, This is a Zip Slip issue, which will lead to a potential RCE vulnerability. We recommend users upgrade the version of Linkis to version 1.3.2. -- Apr 10, 2023 n/a
CVE-2023-27602 In Apache Linkis <=1.3.1, The PublicService module uploads files without restrictions on the path to the uploaded files, and file types. We recommend users upgrade the version of Linkis to version 1.3.2.  For versions <=1.3.1, we suggest turning on the file path check switch in `wds.linkis.workspace.filesystem.owner.check=true` `wds.linkis.workspace.filesystem.path.check=true` -- Apr 10, 2023 n/a
CVE-2023-43636 In EVE OS, the “measured boot” mechanism prevents a compromised device from accessing the encrypted data located in the vault. As per the “measured boot” design, the PCR values calculated at different stages of the boot process will change if any of their respective parts are changed. This includes, among other things, the configuration of the bios, grub, the kernel cmdline, initrd, and more. However, this mechanism does not validate the entire rootfs, so an attacker can edit the filesystem and gain control over the system. As the default filesystem used by EVE OS is squashfs, this is somewhat harder than an ext4, which is easily changeable. This will not stop an attacker, as an attacker can repackage the squashfs with their changes in it and replace the partition altogether. This can also be done directly on the device, as the “003-storage-init” container contains the “mksquashfs” and “unsquashfs” binaries (with the corresponding libs). An attacker can gain full control over the device without changing the PCR values, thus not triggering the “measured boot” mechanism, and having full access to the vault. Note: This issue was partially fixed in these commits (after disclosure to Zededa), where the config partition measurement was added to PCR13: • aa3501d6c57206ced222c33aea15a9169d629141 • 5fef4d92e75838cc78010edaed5247dfbdae1889. This issue was made viable in version 9.0.0 when the calculation was moved to PCR14 but it was not included in the measured boot. -- Sep 20, 2023 n/a
CVE-2023-20562 Insufficient validation in the IOCTL (Input Output Control) input buffer in AMD uProf may allow an authenticated user to load an unsigned driver potentially leading to arbitrary kernel execution. -- Aug 8, 2023 n/a
CVE-2023-24506 Milesight NCR/camera version exposes credentials through an unspecified request. -- May 9, 2023 n/a
CVE-2023-25523 NVIDIA CUDA toolkit for Linux and Windows contains a vulnerability in the nvdisasm binary file, where an attacker may cause a NULL pointer dereference by providing a user with a malformed ELF file. A successful exploit of this vulnerability may lead to a partial denial of service. -- Jul 10, 2023 n/a
CVE-2023-25515 NVIDIA GPU Display Driver for Windows and Linux contains a vulnerability where unexpected untrusted data is parsed, which may lead to code execution, denial of service, escalation of privileges, data tampering, or information disclosure. -- Jun 23, 2023 n/a
CVE-2023-39372 StarTrinity Softswitch version 2023-02-16 - Multiple CSRF (CWE-352) -- Sep 4, 2023 n/a
CVE-2023-39371 StarTrinity Softswitch version 2023-02-16 - Open Redirect (CWE-601) -- Sep 4, 2023 n/a
CVE-2023-39370 StarTrinity Softswitch version 2023-02-16 - Persistent XSS (CWE-79) -- Sep 4, 2023 n/a
CVE-2023-29158 SUBNET PowerSYSTEM Center versions 2020 U10 and prior are vulnerable to replay attacks which may result in a denial-of-service condition or a loss of data integrity. -- Jun 20, 2023 n/a
CVE-2023-31426 The Brocade Fabric OS Commands “configupload” and “configdownload” before Brocade Fabric OS v9.1.1c, v8.2.3d, v9.2.0 print scp, sftp, ftp servers passwords in supportsave. This could allow a remote authenticated attacker to access sensitive information. -- Aug 1, 2023 n/a
CVE-2023-33868 The number of login attempts is not limited. This could allow an attacker to perform a brute force on HTTP basic authentication. -- Jul 7, 2023 n/a
CVE-2023-25647 There is a permission and access control vulnerability in some ZTE mobile phones. Due to improper access control, applications in mobile phone could monitor the touch event. -- Aug 17, 2023 n/a
CVE-2023-37362 Weintek Weincloud v0.13.6 could allow an attacker to abuse the registration functionality to login with testing credentials to the official website. -- Jul 20, 2023 n/a
CVE-2023-34429 Weintek Weincloud v0.13.6 could allow an attacker to cause a denial-of-service condition for Weincloud by sending a forged JWT token. -- Jul 20, 2023 n/a
CVE-2023-32657 Weintek Weincloud v0.13.6 could allow an attacker to efficiently develop a brute force attack on credentials with authentication hints from error message responses. -- Jul 20, 2023 n/a
CVE-2023-35134 Weintek Weincloud v0.13.6 could allow an attacker to reset a password with the corresponding account’s JWT token only. -- Jul 20, 2023 n/a
CVE-2023-4039 A failure in the -fstack-protector feature in GCC-based toolchains that target AArch64 allows an attacker to exploit an existing buffer overflow in dynamically-sized local variables in your application without this being detected. This stack-protector failure only applies to C99-style dynamically-sized local variables or those created using alloca(). The stack-protector operates as intended for statically-sized local variables. The default behavior when the stack-protector detects an overflow is to terminate your application, resulting in controlled loss of availability. An attacker who can exploit a buffer overflow without triggering the stack-protector might be able to change program flow control to cause an uncontrolled loss of availability or to go further and affect confidentiality or integrity. -- Sep 13, 2023 n/a
CVE-2023-3622 Access Control Bypass Vulnerability in the SolarWinds Platform that allows an underprivileged user to read arbitrary resource -- Jul 26, 2023 n/a
CVE-2023-34471 AMI SPx contains a vulnerability in the BMC where a user may cause a missing cryptographic step by generating a hash-based message authentication code (HMAC). A successful exploit of this vulnerability may lead to the loss confidentiality, integrity, and authentication. -- Jul 5, 2023 n/a
CVE-2023-29152 By changing the filename parameter in the request, an attacker could delete any file with the permissions of the Vuforia server account. -- Jun 8, 2023 n/a
CVE-2023-31183 Cybonet PineApp Mail Secure A reflected cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability was identified in the product, using an unspecified endpoint. -- May 11, 2023 n/a
CVE-2023-31182 EasyTor Applications – Authorization Bypass - EasyTor Applications may allow authorization bypass via unspecified method. -- May 9, 2023 n/a
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