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In the Linux kernel, the following vulnerability has been resolved: wifi: carl9170: re-fix fortified-memset warning The carl9170_tx_release() function sometimes triggers a fortified-memset warning in my randconfig builds: In file included from include/linux/string.h:254, from drivers/net/wireless/ath/carl9170/tx.c:40: In function \'fortify_memset_chk\', inlined from \'carl9170_tx_release\' at drivers/net/wireless/ath/carl9170/tx.c:283:2, inlined from \'kref_put\' at include/linux/kref.h:65:3, inlined from \'carl9170_tx_put_skb\' at drivers/net/wireless/ath/carl9170/tx.c:342:9: include/linux/fortify-string.h:493:25: error: call to \'__write_overflow_field\' declared with attribute warning: detected write beyond size of field (1st parameter); maybe use struct_group()? [-Werror=attribute-warning] 493 | __write_overflow_field(p_size_field, size); Kees previously tried to avoid this by using memset_after(), but it seems this does not fully address the problem. I noticed that the memset_after() here is done on a different part of the union (status) than the original cast was from (rate_driver_data), which may confuse the compiler. Unfortunately, the memset_after() trick does not work on driver_rates[] because that is part of an anonymous struct, and I could not get struct_group() to do this either. Using two separate memset() calls on the two members does address the warning though.

Priority: --
CVSS v3: 8.2
Component: linux
Publish Date: Jun 19, 2024
Related ID: --
Modified Date: Jun 20, 2024

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Products Affected

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Product Name Status Defect Fixed Downloads
Wind River Linux LTS 17 Requires LTSS -- -- --
Wind River Linux 8 Requires LTSS -- -- --
Wind River Linux 9 Requires LTSS -- -- --
Wind River Linux 7 Requires LTSS -- -- --
Wind River Linux LTS 21 Investigate -- -- --
Wind River Linux LTS 22 Not Vulnerable -- -- --
Wind River Linux LTS 18 Requires LTSS -- -- --
Wind River Linux LTS 19 Investigate -- -- --
Wind River Linux CD release N/A -- -- --
Wind River Linux 6 Requires LTSS -- -- --
Wind River Linux LTS 23 Fixed LIN1023-6700 --
VxWorks 7 Not Vulnerable -- -- --
VxWorks 6.9 Not Vulnerable -- -- --
Helix Virtualization Platform Cert Edition
Helix Virtualization Platform Cert Edition Not Vulnerable -- -- --
eLxr 12 Vulnerable -- -- --

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Product Name Status Defect Fixed Downloads

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