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In the Linux kernel, the following vulnerability has been resolved: dpll: fix dpll_pin_on_pin_register() for multiple parent pins In scenario where pin is registered with multiple parent pins via dpll_pin_on_pin_register(..), all belonging to the same dpll device. A second call to dpll_pin_on_pin_unregister(..) would cause a call trace, as it tries to use already released registration resources (due to fix introduced in b446631f355e). In this scenario pin was registered twice, so resources are not yet expected to be release until each registered pin/pin pair is unregistered. Currently, the following crash/call trace is produced when ice driver is removed on the system with installed E810T NIC which includes dpll device: WARNING: CPU: 51 PID: 9155 at drivers/dpll/dpll_core.c:809 dpll_pin_ops+0x20/0x30 RIP: 0010:dpll_pin_ops+0x20/0x30 Call Trace: ? __warn+0x7f/0x130 ? dpll_pin_ops+0x20/0x30 dpll_msg_add_pin_freq+0x37/0x1d0 dpll_cmd_pin_get_one+0x1c0/0x400 ? __nlmsg_put+0x63/0x80 dpll_pin_event_send+0x93/0x140 dpll_pin_on_pin_unregister+0x3f/0x100 ice_dpll_deinit_pins+0xa1/0x230 [ice] ice_remove+0xf1/0x210 [ice] Fix by adding a parent pointer as a cookie when creating a registration, also when searching for it. For the regular pins pass NULL, this allows to create separated registration for each parent the pin is registered with.

Priority: --
CVSS v3: --
Component: linux
Publish Date: May 20, 2024
Related ID: --
CVSS v2: --
Modified Date: May 20, 2024

Find out more about CVE-2024-36002 from the MITRE-CVE dictionary and NIST NVD

Products Affected

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Product Name Status Defect Fixed Downloads
Wind River Linux LTS 17 Requires LTSS -- -- --
Wind River Linux 8 Requires LTSS -- -- --
Wind River Linux 9 Requires LTSS -- -- --
Wind River Linux 7 Requires LTSS -- -- --
Wind River Linux LTS 21 Investigate -- -- --
Wind River Linux LTS 22 Not Vulnerable -- -- --
Wind River Linux LTS 18 Requires LTSS -- -- --
Wind River Linux LTS 19 Investigate -- -- --
Wind River Linux CD release N/A -- -- --
Wind River Linux 6 Requires LTSS -- -- --
Wind River Linux LTS 23 Not Vulnerable -- -- --
VxWorks 7 Not Vulnerable -- -- --
VxWorks 6.9 Not Vulnerable -- -- --
Helix Virtualization Platform Cert Edition
Helix Virtualization Platform Cert Edition Not Vulnerable -- -- --

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Product Name Status Defect Fixed Downloads

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