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Certain microprocessor operations (including RDRAND and RDSEED) are implemented using micro-architecture specific Special Register Reads (SRR). On certain client and E3 processors, the data returned by these SRR operations may be inferred, even on another core. Cleanup errors from specific special register read operations may allow an authenticated user to potentially enable information disclosure via local access.

Priority: LOW
CVSS v3: 5.5
Publish Date: Jun 14, 2020
Related ID: --
Modified Date: Jun 14, 2020

Find out more about CVE-2020-0543 from the MITRE-CVE dictionary and NIST NVD

Products Affected

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Product Name Status Defect Fixed Downloads
Wind River Linux LTS 17 Vulnerable LIN10-7434
-- --
Wind River Linux 8 Fixed LIN8-12545 --
Wind River Linux 9 Fixed LIN9-10034 --
Wind River Linux 7 Requires LTSS -- -- --
Wind River Linux LTS 21 Won't Fix -- -- --
Wind River Linux LTS 18 Vulnerable LIN1018-6304
-- --
Wind River Linux LTS 19 Vulnerable LIN1019-4829
-- --
Wind River Linux CD release Vulnerable -- -- --
VxWorks 7 Not Vulnerable -- -- --
VxWorks 6.9 Not Vulnerable -- -- --

Related Products

Product Name Status Defect Fixed Downloads


intel SRBDS

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