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LIN5-6962 : WRlinux5.0.1 standard rootfs can't switch to runlevel 1

Created: Jun 25, 2013    Updated: Dec 19, 2017
Resolved Date: Jul 29, 2013
Found In Version: 5.0.1
Fix Version:
Severity: Standard
Applicable for: Wind River Linux 5
Component/s: Userspace


Customer build a WRlinux5.0.1 platform project with standard rootfs, when run the "init 1" on target, it can't switch into shell. the log is below:
root@localhost:~# init 1
INIT: SwitchingStopping OpenBSD Secure Shell server: sshdstopped /usr/sbin/sshd (pid 1093)
Stopping Postfix...postfix/postfix-script: stopping the Postfix mail system
 * Stopping Avahi mDNS/DNS-SD Daemon: avahi-daemon                       [fail]
Stopping Advanced Configuration and Power Interface daemon: stopped /usr/sbin/acpid (pid 1122)
Stopping domain name service: named.
Stopping system message bus: dbus.
stopping DNS forwarder and DHCP server: dnsmasq... stopped /usr/bin/dnsmasq (pid 1239)
Shutting down irqbalance: stopped irqbalance (pid 1139)
Stopping libvirtd daemon: stopped libvirtd (pid 1141)

stopping statd: done
stopping mountd: done
stopping nfsd: done
Stopping system log daemon...0
Stopping kernel log daemon...0
Stopping tcf-agent: OK
Stopping HPA's tftpd: in.tftpd-hpa
* stopping FTP Server: vsftpd... stopped /usr/sbin/vsftpd (pid 1202)
Stopping internet superserver: xinetd.
Deconfiguring network interfaces... ifdown: don't seem to have all the variables for eth0/inet
Stopping crond: OK
Stopping rpcbind daemon...
INIT: no more processes left in this runlevel

When modify the /etc/inittab, change the following line as:

S:12345:respawn:/sbin/mingetty console
#add the line
1:12345:respawn:/sbin/mingetty tty1

It can switch into runlevel 1 by run init 1 on target.


Modify the inittab file as the following:
change the following line as:
S:12345:respawn:/sbin/mingetty console
#add the following line
1:12345:respawn:/sbin/mingetty tty1

Steps to Reproduce

1. create project with the following options:
/data/devel/windriver/5.0/wrlinux-5/wrlinux/configure --enable-board=intel-xeon-core --enable-kernel=standard --enable-rootfs=glibc_std --with-layer=/bsp/xe105-wr5.x-bsp-v0.9.0b00/xe105-layer --enable-reconfig --with-rcpl-version=0003

2. run "init 1" on target, it can't run into shell

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