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LIN5-6821 : Atom Avoton BSP: Watchdog appears broken

Created: Nov 19, 2013    Updated: Dec 19, 2017
Resolved Date: Dec 25, 2015
Found In Version: 5.0.1
Fix Version:
Severity: Standard
Applicable for: Wind River Linux 5
Component/s: BSP


root@node2:~# wdmd -D
1384901196 wdmd started S0 H1 G0
1384901196 /dev/watchdog failed to set timeout
1384901196 /dev/watchdog disarmed
1384901196 no watchdog device, load a watchdog driver
root@node2:~# ls -l /dev/watchdog
crw------- 1 root root 10, 130 Nov 19 22:11 /dev/watchdog
root@node2:~# wd_identify
root@node2:~# dmesg | grep iTCO_wdt
iTCO_wdt: Intel TCO WatchDog Timer Driver v1.07
iTCO_wdt: Found a Avoton SoC TCO device (Version=1, TCOBASE=0x0460)
iTCO_wdt: timeout value out of range, using 30
iTCO_wdt: initialized. heartbeat=30 sec (nowayout=0)


Just don't launch the wdmd

Steps to Reproduce

See the symptom details.

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