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LIN5-11834 : Failed to wrload vxWorks with wrlinux on IA board

Created: May 26, 2011    Updated: Sep 17, 2016
Resolved Date: Aug 11, 2016
Previous ID: LIN4-9656
Found In Version: 5.0
Severity: Severe
Applicable for: Wind River Linux 5
Component/s: GuestOS Support


wrload the vxworks vb failed on wrlinux, here is the exception clip, see details in attachment.

# vb load -f home/vxworks-1 -vb 3 
[wrload  -f homeplatform vboard.0: firmware: requesting vxworks-1.bin
/vxworks-1 -vb 3offload_manager: VB3(0x80000000) suspended
0x408000 - 0x58daaf loaded
0x58doffload_manager: wrote 1781168 of 1781168 bytes to VB3.
ab0 - 0x5badaf zGet VB3 config addr: 0xf0000000
Get VB3 reg ctl success.
Write VB3 regs success.
offload_manager: VB3(0x0) resumed

cpu4: **** VM-Exit due to EPT violation!!!!

Page table or address violation in the guest:
    CR3=0x0 (paging is OFF) (HV CR3=0xffc0b000)  GPA=0xfffffffc

VMCS Guest Fields:
es:    0x00000010   base   0x00000000   limit  0xffffffff   rights 0x0000c093

Steps to Reproduce

 *  down load system.elf
 *  in wrlinux VB shell run:
        depmod -a  && modprobe offload_manager
        vb restart -b 3 && vb suspend -b 3
 *  make sure that the vb3 has been stopped 
        cat /proc/mipc/buses/0/status
 *  restart the vb3 
        vb load -f home/vxworks-1 -vb 3

see detail steps in attachment.

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