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LIN4-6215 : [4.2 async][BSP: NLM_XLP832_432_EVB] [CGL] NAE ethernet driver doesn't work in the 2nd kernel booted by kexec

Created: Jul 25, 2011    Updated: May 18, 2015
Resolved Date: Oct 20, 2011
Found In Version: 4.3
Fix Version: 4.2,4.3
Severity: Severe
Applicable for: Wind River Linux 4
Component/s: BSP


Currently, If using the NAE driver in the 2nd kernel booted by kexec, the system will hang when booting. No, it is skipped like this:


static int __init nlm_xlp_mac_init(void)
        if (is_kexec_boot()) {
                pr_err("%s: NAE driver doesn't work when booting from kexec\n", __func__);
                return -ENODEV;


        return pci_register_driver(&soc_driver);


PCIe ethernet driver can survive in the 2nd kernel booted by kexec, so, we at least have another choice for networking support. But for fast-reboot, NAE ethernet is a required feature, should be fixed at last.

Steps to Reproduce

Remove the is_kexec_boot() checking in nlm_xlp_mac_init() function of drivers/net/nae/xlp_nae.c, boot the 2nd kernel by kexec, the system will hang.

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