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In the Linux kernel, the following vulnerability has been resolved: ALSA: Fix deadlocks with kctl removals at disconnection In snd_card_disconnect(), we set card->shutdown flag at the beginning, call callbacks and do sync for card->power_ref_sleep waiters at the end. The callback may delete a kctl element, and this can lead to a deadlock when the device was in the suspended state. Namely: * A process waits for the power up at snd_power_ref_and_wait() in snd_ctl_info() or read/write() inside card->controls_rwsem. * The system gets disconnected meanwhile, and the driver tries to delete a kctl via snd_ctl_remove*(); it tries to take card->controls_rwsem again, but this is already locked by the above. Since the sleeper isn\'t woken up, this deadlocks. An easy fix is to wake up sleepers before processing the driver disconnect callbacks but right after setting the card->shutdown flag. Then all sleepers will abort immediately, and the code flows again. So, basically this patch moves the wait_event() call at the right timing. While we\'re at it, just to be sure, call wait_event_all() instead of wait_event(), although we don\'t use exclusive events on this queue for now.

Priority: --
CVSS v3: --
Component: linux
Publish Date: Jun 19, 2024
Related ID: --
CVSS v2: --
Modified Date: Jun 20, 2024

Find out more about CVE-2024-38600 from the MITRE-CVE dictionary and NIST NVD

Products Affected

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Product Name Status Defect Fixed Downloads
Wind River Linux LTS 17 Requires LTSS -- -- --
Wind River Linux 8 Requires LTSS -- -- --
Wind River Linux 9 Requires LTSS -- -- --
Wind River Linux 7 Requires LTSS -- -- --
Wind River Linux LTS 21 Investigate -- -- --
Wind River Linux LTS 22 Fixed LIN1022-9394 --
Wind River Linux LTS 18 Requires LTSS -- -- --
Wind River Linux LTS 19 Investigate -- -- --
Wind River Linux CD release N/A -- -- --
Wind River Linux 6 Requires LTSS -- -- --
Wind River Linux LTS 23 Fixed LIN1023-6684 --
VxWorks 7 Not Vulnerable -- -- --
VxWorks 6.9 Not Vulnerable -- -- --
Helix Virtualization Platform Cert Edition
Helix Virtualization Platform Cert Edition Not Vulnerable -- -- --
eLxr 12 Vulnerable -- -- --

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Product Name Status Defect Fixed Downloads

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